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Welcome to the Staff area of the website. Please select the workshops you would like to work. You may sign up for multiple and will have to fill out the form again for each workshop registration.

Staff Availability

All staff and workshop co-directors must complete and submit this form regardless of your availability. The deadline is Thursday, March 23rd. NO EXCEPTIONS. This deadline will ensure staff rosters will be posted and announced by April 2nd. Please be sure to anticipate ANY possible conflicts. By submitting this form you are affirming your availability for the week(s) indicated. Also, remember that staffing selection is a complex decision. The more availability you have, the more likely you will be selected. Also, priority is given to staff members who have been present throughout this school year for other OASC &/or iBELIEVE events. Saying you are "available" means you are choosing to make OASC & iBELIEVE the priority in the event other things come up in your schedule on those dates.

Please let Kaitlin O'Hara know if you have any questions


Staff Training & Prep: Thursday & Friday, June 8th-9th in Columbus, Ohio. (Arrival time is to be determined based on hotel availability, but please count on around 1pm on the 8th - about 5pm on the 9th.)

Adult Staff Training will be Friday, June 9th - Saturday, June 10th (time & details to follow.)

There is no staff fee for this event.

Staff Training is considered mandatory to staff summer workshop. If there is a conflict with training, please explain in full detail so your circumstances can be taken into consideration.

Please indicate with a "Yes" or "No" which of the following weeks you are available to staff below. A "Yes" means you are willing to make iBELIEVE & OASC a priority in the event something else comes up in your schedule.