Athens, OHStudents today – especially those growing up in Appalachian communities – need to have 21st century skills like leadership, communication, and problem-solving to find success in this rapidly evolving world.

Luckily for Appalachian students, not only in Ohio but across the entire region, the iBELIEVE Foundation helps students develop these skills through annual summer camps and school-year programming throughout their high school careers. And contributions like those from AT&T Ohio make that summer camp programming possible.

A recent $15,000 contribution from AT&T Ohio helped support 2017 summer camp programming for high school students in Appalachian Ohio.

Last night, student officers of the new iBELIEVE University student organization were joined by State Representative Jay Edwards at Ohio University. A strong supporter of iBELIEVE’s mission of student leadership, Representative Edwards received an update on the expansion of iBELIEVE programming and met with students.

Join us for the fifth annual Mid-Ohio Valley iBELIEVE Benefit Dinner on November 1, 2017, where we will celebrate the continual growth of the iBELIEVE Foundation in Appalachia!

Two Great Organizations Join to Make the Best Workshop for Students

This month, The iBELIEVE Foundation and The Ohio Association of Student Councils (OASC) have agreed to a joint partnership. The partnership details that iBELIEVE will be taking responsibility of all Summer Leadership Workshops once led by OASC. OASC will still have a vested interest, providing diverse staff and student experiences to the Workshops, as well as key leadership development resources and activities.