What is iCONNECT?

iCONNECT is a unique part of the iBELIEVE program designed to connect our students with sponsors, mentors, and community leaders. iCONNECT is a half-day in length and involves a speed networking session, a camp-wide leadership activity, and folk-dancing!

The day begins with the speed networking session with our Senior High III students. These high school seniors will take rotating turns interviewing the adult iCONNECT participants about their insights and lessons on leadership and more.

We then transition into a large-group activity where students of all levels of the iB program get to interact with adult iCONNECT participants. This is where you get the chance to experience the magic for yourself and participate in the activities and social learning experiences that our kids do all week!

The half-day is then wrapped up with our personal camp favorite— folk dancing!


Why do we host iCONNECT?

iCONNECT is a time that is dedicated to connecting our students with successful adults. This part of the program is crucial in developing mentorships and helping the campers see beyond the scope of the week to the endless possibilities that the future may hold.

iCONNECT is a way for students to take control over their future and apply the skills that they may have just acquired at camp, to network with enthusiastic adults.

Who is involved in iCONNECT?

iCONNECT takes place every Tuesday of our summer workshop for iB students, allowing them enough time to get adjusted to life at camp and being challenged to think differently than they may be used to. There will be a wide range of high-school students present who are either in their first, second, or third year of the program, and the adult iCONNECT participants.

 iCONNECT volunteers have generally been business professionals, owners or CEOs, but has grown to include employees of local businesses and teachers! The common factor that brings such a diverse group of individuals together is the continued interest in supporting and mentoring our high school students.