Join us this summer! 

So how can we explain the magic to you? We've been thinking over and over about that, and honestly, we think the best way is to show you! So for now, just take a few minutes to read what we're all about, and be sure to register for one of our workshops and be ready to experience the magic for yourself!



The What

Our program is a 5-day, 4-night experience with about 160 other student leaders in grades 9-12 from across Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia! Think of Summer Workshop like an awesome summer camp, but on a college campus with your soon-to-be new best friends. The program is a mix of large group, small group, and individual activities - with opportunities to share your talents and skills, as well as develop and reflect on your goals. Each participant will be placed in a small group that becomes like your family for the week, and participants often love council time the most.

Because we're like a camp, we do lots of things that you might expect a camp - but with a twist. If anyone from your school has been before, trust us when they tell you that our Galloping Monopoly isn't like any other Monopoly you've ever played! And after your iBELIEVE experience, you won't be able to look up at the moon without thinking about your new iBELIEVE family, too!

The Who

Our participants are people just like you - excellent student leaders who have been picked by your principals, guidance counselors, and teachers. We know that you have many talents and skills, and so we bring together the best of the best to learn about making a positive difference in your own life and in the lives of others!

Many of our staff are college students who have gone through the same program you will, and they loved it so much they're back for more! We also have some pretty cool adult staff, too! 

The Why

We do this because we love it, and because every year we hear so many students leave saying "this was the best week of my life!" We also do it because we see the positive impact our students have when they go back home to their schools and communities - ready to make a difference!

The When & Where

Each year, we will have various different workshops that students can attend. All of our workshops are held on college campuses by our Host Universities. We love college campuses because of the opportunity they give you to experience a bit of campus life, while still having all of the amenities and security that parents love. And the food is great, too! 

Visit this page for updates about the 2018 dates and locations available!

You will have the opportunity to pick the dates and location that work best for you!

The How

You might be thinking "This sounds awesome! How do you all pull this off?" And that's a great question! The answer is that we have an incredibly generous community of donors and sponsors who believe in YOU, and so they cover 100% of the camp costs. Each camp costs around $350 per student, but our donors make sure that this life-changing experience is available to you for free! 

Register Now!

Feel free to explore the website to learn more about iBELIEVE and what we're up to. But be sure to register for workshop before you go!